22 thoughts on “Aries

    • Apologies for the delay, multitasking!

      I have a longer post I am working on, but I thought I might post a short something in the meantime. This is unbelievable, I was just fooling around (нет дерьмо) with ideas for a short verse:

      We spend our whole lives
      Trying to find our way
      The closer we get to finding our way
      The nearer we get to the end.

      This is uncanny, Пальцем в небо!

      Not an originally thought for those attempting to be in touch with who they are, or becoming comfortable with who they are. Strange don’t you think because of the timing, I just now wrote it in a word doc before receiving your comment, BONKERS, huh? Something strange going on here!

      I fall under the constellation of Libra from approximately October 16 to November 15
      Zodiac for Libra September 23 – October 22
      But my actual Zodiac Sign is Scorpio October 23 – November 21
      So what do you think Constellation or Zodiac?

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    • The last thing that I want to do… it’s to hinder you to write your post.
      Write, my spicy multitasking Alice, write! I wish you a huge armful of inspiration and a small pinch of magic. I leave you till tomorrow.
      My comment will be waiting for you on Sunday.

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    • Morning, Alice!

      I thought about your short verse. Thank you for sharing, it’s absolutely exciting to touch. It’s like a fresh piece of flesh. It breathes, pulsates, lives. It’s so real! And uncanny 🙂
      Scorpio… a great one. I pondered over such a variant. But your aesthetics fits for Libra perfectly. Damn… if be honest I’m not a big horoscopic guru or an astromancer 🙂 I use my intuition mostly… instead of the folios and the natal charts.

      Have a great Sunday, dear bonkers! 😉


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    • Good evening Hatter,

      I only shared my verse because of the strangeness (of course in a good way), the invisible thread, each of us having a similar thought at the same time. Your guess is actually very good, in reading the traits of both, for me I find an overlapping of these so called traits, both the positive and the negative, where as I feel I could be both. I’ll take the “Libra aesthetics” as a huge compliment, especially because Scorpio has some very negative connotations. Have a wonderful week!

      Warm wishes,
      Alice Bonkers

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    • I really enjoy your comments, my dear Alice…
      I just thought that our correspondence in the comments can compete with my writings :))))
      I hope your Sunday is great and your personal Muse is near you!

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    • Oh, my dear Alice! Thank you!
      Now I depart to the arms of Morpheus with a light heart and a smile on my lips.
      I will be waiting for you on Monday… catch me! 🙂
      My warmest wishes for you, my little girl!

      See you,
      Your Hatter.

      P.S. I’m looking forward to your future posts too.

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