I took lessons of humility
from the worn roadside stones.
Nothing can teach civility
so well as the shattered bones.
That’s why my posture is queenly
and my manners are aesthetic.
Your sense of beauty knows so keenly
when reality is prosthetic.

© All rights reserved 2015

26 thoughts on “Implanted

  1. Learning from those who have been there before you. Laid the road for you. Thw word “civility” is clever, civil engineers lay the roads. Maybe that is what we are doing now?
    Learning from the mistakes of others. The way in which you word it is beautiful.

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  2. I wanted to comment, then I realized it was more need than anything. Unfortunately this poetry leaves me with broken thoughts. When I find glue you will know. Maybe I just need to read it again. And again.

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    • Of course, I’ll wait…
      Oh, you lost some thoughts here! Here… and here. Please, take it!
      Thought cannot be without owner… it’s like a smile without a cat 😉

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