GUEST POST // Let’s Make Love By Nandita Manan

Yes, it’s the winter of your fall
But it will only hurt for an earthly time
Flipped through the seasons of your life
You’re a plunging bird in the zoetrope

Perchance ’tis the spring of my summer
For I’m delirious with maddening joy
The monsoon of my eyes will come too
But for now, let us be larks in love, boy!

I fair would ask you to take my hand
Yon rolling clouds let us take flight
Clear the air with a rush of wings, girl!
And banish forever that horrid night

With glee, I would hold your hand
As you lead me on a cloudless dream
The nights of yore left behind
Days flowing like love’s endless stream

Let us alight, it matters not where
Let us unite, souls entwined and bare
Pennons enfolding, our avian cocoon
And emboldening fingers to make you swoon

Pennons spread out, heralders of love
You be the word and I, the dove
Soar far and wide, souls in unison
Plant seeds everywhere, await germination

Let’s forever dip and rise in buoyant waters
Let’s make some love, love is all that matters!


© All rights reserved 2016


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