27 white raven club

ravens are made for still lifes, y’know
for shitting letters, birthing screenplays
they never like to seem dull or frilly
against the backdrop of grass’s gleam

they fair cavort and caw through the mind
they don’t play dolls or silly chick flick
they much prefer shakespeare and goethe
and titties in tight petticoats

they are the last bulwark of style
all pinstriped flair and gasps of awesome
all top hat and heavy, lace and feathery
pale pearls adorning supple necks

lest you think they’re square-toed, pathetic
turn on your dim-witted, closed-off mind!
ravens teach us to find faith in ourselves
to never be afraid, and in sepia shine


© All rights reserved 2017

23 thoughts on “27 white raven club

  1. They’re quite manly too, even the girl crows and ravens. Touching they mate for life and they’re so intelligent it’s scary. Mostly bad tempered though and they fight alot. Studied them when I lived on our farm. Always thought of them as studies for 1920s Berlin Cabaret . . . love the good works you do . . .

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    • Thank you! And, yeah, they are crazy smart aren’t they? I think it’s in Canada or some place like that where they put nuts on the road at traffic lights so that the wheels of cars will break them. Then the ravens scoff ’em right down! If that doesn’t display a certain level of intelligence and sophistication then I don’t know what does! 😛

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