34 thoughts on “Six Word Stories #29

  1. You’ve started something. Further to my first comment above I’ve now written a six word story on each of the two intervening weeks (and put them on my blog with an acknowledgement to you). Whatever else it is, it’s fun. So thank you.

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  2. Thank you for the ‘like’ on my ‘mărțișor’ post Tetiana, especially as it uncovered your six word stories. Although I occasionally attempt 100, 75 and even 25 word stories, 6 words is something new, unless you count the headlines written in a past life. I haven’t managed to uncover all yours as I can’t find a ’search’ on your blog, but enough to set myself a challenge to write some – maybe on the sixth day of each week.
    On another tack, I suspect that you find mărțișoare in those parts of the Ukraine which were part of Romania; I wasn’t there at an appropriate time but visiting villages around Cernauți was like being in Romania.

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