how to explain life to a live girl

they walk around the room cuddling a dead hare
smearing the floor with stale syrupy gold
they cry out loud that awakening is here
exactly as beuys has foretold

i lie on the floor trying not to sleep
but the damned gold flashes before my eyes
here i balance over the greasy steep
falling through the creaky rickety skies

and i see in my dream how a huge dead hare
cuddles me to its soft warm belly
runs its paws over my messy hair
treats me to marmite and orange jelly

the hare whispers of shoes and sealing wax
of shooting stars over the seashore
that a worldview’s a matter of parallax
…i wake up to the sound of a slammed door

© All rights reserved 2019

23 thoughts on “how to explain life to a live girl

  1. Some times the comments – and replies – inform and entertain and perhaps best of all confuse. And for this I get a three-fer! Tony, though I’d apprecunhateit if you’d hold down the “gents:” commentary. Someone I know might catch that and thus spoil my carefully crafted disrepute. Repairing a broken ‘dis’ is perhaps more mushroom tea than to which I now have access – the former cow pastures no longer is ringed by nervous farmers and mycrographical aficionadoes. Besides, rock-salt shotgun shells sometimes stung worse than birdshot; a practice ‘shroon lovers and cow-raisers learned from watermelon growers hereabouts. Besides, now said fields have been teriorized (terrior – ‘scuse: in an unlookupable mood at present and insist new housing tracts over old stomping grounds retain the mustyness of sandhill crane and hereford poop. I, too, had some whatsitallmean moments while reading…and I especially treasure such. Fling more fun my way si vous plait.

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  2. I enjoyed reading this, although I am not sure what the true meaning was. I thought, perhaps a one night stand, a misunderstood artist or a taxidermist. I once saw a exhibition of Joseph Bueys work and was astounded by the fact that a painting with a single Copper Beach Leaf was valued at €6000.00. I only every leaf in my garden could be valued as such. Great piece of poetry – provocative and inaccessable.

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  3. Reblogged this on richwrapper and commented:
    How to explain why only five stars available to praise this piece, Tetiana? So glad I stopped by en route to tardy returns to mine own fields. I kept waiting for denouement and a door surprised me to go searching for Harvey’s Hop-Sister to tell her of such sandwiched delights and drippy floors. Thanks.

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