the death of ignorance (ecstatic symmetry)

dancing in the ruins of the dead divines
i smelled the earth after the first rain
no more crackle of grass in a lake like glass
near ashimmer with new possibilities

and i lumbered through pain
to free me from the chains

stomping on a skull in its ruined crown
i heard the sound of its gnashing teeth
a lesser antilles of emptied homilies
near ashameless with inert fragilities

and i forged through pain
to free me from the chains

flaming through the deep of waters parted
i roared the defiance of an open tomb
saved two of each kind of all souls to find
near asundered with reassembled symmetries

and i frolicked through pain
to free me from the chains

Death of Ignorance

© All rights reserved 2023

7 thoughts on “the death of ignorance (ecstatic symmetry)

  1. My interpretation of this might be odd. I see this as an escape from slavery or oppression and the biblical reference of parting waters is not the solution. Of course the great divine will save our souls in the heavenly Ark, but only two kinds. What if we are single are we domed without a partner?
    I envy the Loch Ness monster retiring to Florida, since the income tax rate is much lower than in socialist Scotland.
    A thought provoking read.

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