We get asked many questions here at Unbolt Me, so we’ve decided to put our heads together, make a big ‘clunk’ sound, and answer some of them for our dear inquisitive readers. (Once our heads have stopped spinning…)

1) Where’s Tati?

Tati’s out at the moment. She should be back any day or week or month now. Put it this way, Tony has left the porch light on for her. So please leave a message and he will get back to you on her behalf.

2) Who’s Tony?

He’s the Janitor of Unbolt Me. Don’t worry, he knows how to read and write, so you can trust him with your correspondences. Well, the less salacious ones anyway…

3) Why is Tony answering comments now? We want Tati!

Remember? Tati’s not here. She’s busy! So all your words must be filtered through TONY! Got it?! So, feel free to leave a message and he’ll get back to you… and blah blah blah… yeah, you get the drill. Sigh.

Okay, the real reason? Presently, Tati’s busy with work life and other obligations that preclude her from hanging out and laughing it up with our dear readers in the comments section on a regular basis. She does, however, read and appreciate every one of your comments so please keep them coming!

4) Unbolt was always a censure-free blog. Why have you started moderating our comments?

Every day, Unbolt Me receives such a large volume of comments on multiple posts that it can be hard for us to keep track of them all. Moderation has been enabled so that Tony is immediately notified as new ones come in. This way, he can give each comment the attention it deserves and none get accidentally overlooked.

5) So, do any comments actually get censored now? And what about private correspondences?

If you’ve recently sent us a friendly hullo via our blog or email, are we grateful? You bet we are! As writers, the attention is reassuring, and it reminds us that people are taking notice of what we put out there. As such, we’re sincerely open to connection and would not seek to ignore your messages or block them in any way.

Having said that, if you do enjoy our blog and writings, and if these have inspired you to drop us a message then may we ask that you share this via the comments section beneath any post of your choice on Unbolt Me? Of course, if you’re a reviewer, publisher, editor, advertiser or Hollywood producer who wants to film our writings, or you’re interested in our books and have a cool proposition about a potential business partnership then please do contact us via email instead.

By the way, if you are someone who is wanting to… well, flirt, have hot chats or share ‘intimate’ video… erm, good luck with that. We hope you’ll understand why we may no longer answer your messages here or via email. And if you continue to try and contact us, we will block you with a light heart. Please don’t be offended. It’s just not the kind of attention we want or need.

6) Why don’t you collaborate with other people? Are you snobs?

We have collaborated with many people in the past, and would gladly keep doing so if there were more hours in the day. Alas, there aren’t. We have many projects that we’re working on together, and in order for any of these to come to fruition we need to funnel our efforts in a more self-indulgent direction for the foreseeable future. We hope you’ll understand! And if you don’t, we’ll cry.

7) Why don’t you participate in blog awards and challenges?

Same reason as above. It’s a time thing. Ordinarily, we love receiving awards and blog challenges, and these have often presented wonderful opportunities to flex our creative muscles. Lately however, we find ourselves unable to address your acknowledgements individually and to do them justice. Instead, we’ve dedicated a couple of pages to link back to the sites of those who have generously recognised us.

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18 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Just thought I would stop by your place and say hi. I’ve noticed you (Teti?) hanging around my places and wanted to let you know I appreciate it. I do visit here from time to time and read. I’m not good about “liking” everything I read, but rest assured that I read when I have time.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Tony. I know you guys don’t participate in challenges, but I did include your blog on my Sunshine Blogger Awards list. I love your blog, and would feel weird not to include you guys. No need to return the favor, just a quick shoutout from me to you.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I came to thank you for the likes. I’m glad I did – I love the humor evident in your work! I’m an introvert’s introvert and have no desire to leave my dark cabinet – clearly that’s why the internet exists. I jest. Thank you again.

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  4. Hello, Tati and Tony –

    I am a friendly stranger who is here to give you some friendly criticism in return for views and likes from my old blog.
    One thing that I think everyone would benefit from is a clearer outlay of your maze of “teleportation”. This is not to say that the theme and direction should change. In fact, this uniqueness is indeed what makes the blog so appealing. It is the core of the blog which I like – they like – and you like. We all like it. The more I click, the more I explore, the more I read and enjoy what has been cleverly crafted.

    However! To the newcomer – which was myself – it is overwhelming. What appears to be simple becomes immensely complex. I would imagine this is due to the evolution of the blog. Perhaps it’s just me, but I don’t think that is possible.

    I feel like the overall sensation is simply outdated.

    The second thing I would highly recommend is personal posts and growth. You both have a lot demonstrating who you two are, which seems to me like a fun couple with a sense of humor and immense potential. Now of course I don’t know your lives, your relationship, or where you are at life at the moment. I do not hope it is anywhere in particular because it is exactly where it needs to be. I do hope, however, that you take a break.

    Space yourselves (Tony, if it is still just you at the moment), and stop looking at this or thinking about this for a week or two. Or a month. Do not look at others’ blogs. Do not look at the likes or the posts or the comments. If you need to, express this in advanced so you may do it with peace. PERHAPS you’ve already taken a break and I have no idea what I am talking about.

    After this spacing, please realize the potential of this blog in reflection to the potential of yourselves. Contemplating the future of this blog from the point of its’ creation, in comparison to where it is now, you may receive hint as to what you can do with it. Level it up. Expand it. If your passion or energy is derived from writing and doing what you love, then focus on that. Really focus on it. Appreciate your followers and those who appreciate you, but realize the appreciation will increase and everyone will be benefited from your focus on your passion, not the blog. The blog is not the passion, the blog is a reflection of it.

    We humans like to know what you humans are like. Introverted or not, security is gained through insecurity. Let us know a little bit more about you, and I guarantee not only will you benefit from the discomfort, but we will like you a little bit more 🙂

    Again – I probably have no idea what I am talking about and you both may know exactly what you’re doing or perhaps there is a whole lot more to you both than I think. No – there is definitely a lot more.

    Simply: I see a LOT of potential that can be expanded upon and would love to see it unfold. Unbolting doesn’t end, and I see a large bolt that you will come realize and enjoy unbolting.

    Best of luck!

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  5. First, thanks for liking my blog, World Listening Post (or, in the words I assume belong to WordPress, for thinking it’s “pretty awesome.” I’ve received many pretty awesome notices, but yours is the first I’ve clicked on and actually found something of substance and worth responding to. So keep up the good work! By the way, Tati, I used to teach journalism and one of my class exercises on brevity was to have students write their autobiographies in six words (inspired by a feature I saw in The New Yorker). Great minds… Alan

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