Six Word Stories Omnibus: Volume Five

Time for more six word stories.
They were all written by you,
our dear readers. Oh my, yes!
We’ve finally posted them right here,
so don’t throat punch us, okay?
Such a long time to wait!

Story 1:
Six words can’t tell a story. 
Story 2:
What’s more, there isn’t enough substance.
by Sheldon Kleeman

Story 3:
Clever! Thanks for making me laugh.
by Daal Praderas

Story 4:
There IS peace in loveAmen!
by Rjoherman

Story 5:
I have a single porpoise tooth.
Story 6:
Tuna Safe Dolphin Meat is good.
Story 7:
“Please kill me,” my clone whispered.
Story 8:
I think these pills work fast.
Story 9:
My umbilical noose is too tight.
by Epic Fantasy

Story 10:
Sharks are nice. Hey, my arm!
by Phoenix Risen Poetry

Story 11:
Phew, what an interesting looking blog!
by Andy Smart

Story 12:
Love tried to take me alive.
by Kelly in ya Belly

Story 13:
“Where in Hell?” “Yes, you are.”
by Malakki

Story 14:
“Please don’t go.” “Don’t let me.”
Story 15:
She was a killer without heels.
Story 16:
The heart untied the mind’s knot.
by Nandita Yata

Story 17:
If you die then you’re mine.
by Dom

Story 18:
Give me a break. I’m dying.
Story 19:
Can’t you see? I am dead.
by Taizo

Story 20:
Am I a burden to reply?
by Lauren

GUEST POST // I Saw Once by Sheldon Kleeman

I can see you’re
Sad and lonely
That your eyes
are sayin the words
Can you just hold
my hand a little
longer for us both
need another road
It’s never easy
to readjust from
one into another
But with both of
us walking……..
The road gets easier
I know how tired,
sad, just a little further
& we’ll be………
Just remember to
look into the “I’s”
of life
As I saw ones
who once were sad


© All rights reserved 2016

GUEST POST // Eucharistic Liturgy of Lurid Life by Jonathan Noble & Tetiana Aleksina

Wraiths unseen creep in blight neath bed of night;
I belong to them, I am their birthright;
I long for them, sick in soul, and in their sight
Sit in shame like worthless baggage claim;
I am a merely pathetic acolyte
To perform unholy rite of morbid plight,

To cover the altar with a red baize,
To light poison incense in pretense of praise,
To robe a lump of clay of hard black glaze,
To spread bad bread to supplicants in puzzlement
As pyres are lit in fires for sullied, sordid men
Screaming with no more dreaming of redemption!


© All rights reserved 2016

Six Word Stories Omnibus: Volume Four

Hemingway sawed a cello to death.
Stole a urinal from a bar.
Still he was a literary star.
Hoover was jealous of his talent,
But we don’t have to be.
Behold! The stories below of thee!

Story 1:
Wow! I am most truly honored!
Story 2:
I cannot breathe in the kiss.
Story 3:
I see what you both did.
by Gregory Stackpole

Story 4:
She inhaled deeply. Oh, the pressure!
by Sarah Jayne Nantais

Story 5:
My eye opened, small man inside.
by J. Zorro Kennon

Story 6:
He was your mother, you fool!
by The Scarlet Swallow

Story 7:
Oops! I missed all the fun!
by Kay Geegh

Story 8:
The sun set. Their souls rose.
by Aaron Farrell

Story 9:
Till we meet again, dear friend.
Story 10:
To separate from mediocrity, become unbolted!
Story 11:
From far away, it was clear.
Story 12:
She was enticed by his glance.
Story 13:
With temptation comes the ultimate penalty.
Story 14:
Pardon me, is this seat taken?
Story 15:
I will only say this once!
Story 16:
Ok… maybe I’ll say it twice.
Story 17:
Do those count as six words?
Story 18:
The ultimate temptation; the forbidden fruit.
Story 19:
Help is on the way, ma’am!
Story 20:
Her body melted into his arms.
by Robert Charles

Story 21:
Unyielding, her sorrow refuses to release.
by Katherine Marguerite

Story 22:
Off she walked, towards the light.
by Dprssdmind

GUEST POST // Let’s Make Love By Nandita Manan & Tony Single

Yes, it’s the winter of your fall
But it will only hurt for an earthly time
Flipped through the seasons of your life
You’re a plunging bird in the zoetrope

Perchance ’tis the spring of my summer
For, I’m delirious with maddening joy
The monsoon of my eyes will come too
But for now, let us be larks in love, boy!

I fair would ask you to take my hand
Yon rolling clouds let us take flight
Clear the air with a rush of wings, girl!
And banish forever that horrid night

With glee, I would hold your hand
As you lead me on a cloudless dream
The nights of yore left behind
Days flowing like love’s endless stream

Let us alight, it matters not where
Let us unite, souls entwined and bare
Pennons enfolding, our avian cocoon
And emboldening fingers to make you swoon

Pennons spread out, heralders of love
You be the word and I, the dove
Soar far and wide, souls in unison
Plant seeds everywhere, await germination

Let’s forever dip and rise in buoyant waters
Let’s make some love, love is all that matters!


© All rights reserved 2016