Choose Your Award!

Hey. Hey! Don’t go! Please, dear wanderer, stay!

Do you think you’ve stumbled into the snobby Hall of Fame of Unbolt Me? Nope! It’s not ours. It’s yours! We created this page for you, dear wanderer!

Feel free to pick any item and make a wonderful post. Then feel free to share this with your friends. Make us happy by leaving a comment here (but we promise to not cry if you would prefer to remain an incognita.)

Hell, feel free to come back and try another!

Oh… no! Please, don’t shut the door! Leave it open, OK?


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69 thoughts on “Choose Your Award!

  1. Ah! so I can even give myself an award? it’s being long over due leme (let me) grab myself some. But I still don’t feel like I’ve earned it until I read the comments area and I realize its not bad to give myself a little credit for years of pursuing something that genuinely makes me happy.

    Thank you for reminding me that its okay to say I love me.

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  2. this is really cool. it never dawned on me to congratulate myself for work ( because I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything yet) but chasing my dreams is an accomplishment! trying to become a published author is WORK. so thanks for reminding me 🙂

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    • It can be an important thing to remind yourself of, for sure! In fact, hard work must be rewarded with some positive self talk, Amanda. It helps one to stay focused on the end goal, and to do so without feeling bored and tired. So, enjoy! You deserve it! 😀

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