i’m going home, i’ll cross the terrible sea
it’s a far cry to my tiny, worn out quay
will he be standing there, waiting for me
will i be met by wind and deserted scree
a loveless gull adrift upon a final plea


© All rights reserved 2018

GUEST POST // Ripe fruit by Candice Louisa Daquin

The body
Is a soft pomegranate
Shiny seeds spilling out
Soft offering proffers
Sell by date
Arbitrary or fated circles within circles
Once, you bled
The same crimson as a dress you wore to fireworks night
Until invisible hands
Ushered away the urge to bring
Life wriggling on flat earth
Straining you heard
A primal cry
It was you
Half covered with sweat
Shaking off
The emptiness of the day
Your belly full
Of hours


© All rights reserved 2018


the keel has met the shore
and maybe i don’t want to leave
but love, my story’s told
cannot sing past songs no more
parting is sweet bitter sorrow
heart’s cockles have grown cold

i see the sail unfurled
and surely we shall never know
what’s left that could have been
i’ll tramp not in your world
nor age another day with you
years not enough, my queen

the fisher king, he saves
peace you now, all will be fine
i cruise at morning’s light
and face the winds (as braves)
treading clear of land and sky
in this boat’s mythic flight

hark now, the end has come
we bid, my love, our fond farewells
and touch pale cracking lips
hush now, it has begun
this rattling chest shall raise no more
as mere life loses grip

sands wait, of greater price
than many riches in your palms
and all the jewel array
are not the seashells nice?
with eyes so sad, you look elsewhere
boat softly slips away


© All rights reserved 2015


you see demons behind all skins
i see a fey, tectonic soul
trying not to come apart
trying not to let you in

you are itching to move on
some can only hold on
and some of us won’t make it
lost in the gap of then and time


© All rights reserved 2008

a grief with no name

fuck the god that put me here
and you over there
let him be nailed a thousand times over
for his crimes against humanity
and against me and you

i’m walking around in this tired old rain
each drop afresh with crying cliché
i’ve been so scared for the longest time
don’t know if i can diminish more
when hung out to dry how small will i be?

asleep within this well of days
my droom of dying in shadow
untying me from the knot of time
smashed upon the rocks of hope

how did this become a sodding wet dream?
body-shamed in the blood of christ
a third arm predestined for the drop
to be weaned and ghosted off of all grace
and this is when i recall i am nothing

so i breathe in the now, eclipsed in black
sun kisses, fool aye, no sun kisses for me
elsewhere, your shoulders a sun kissed hue
strange burning beneath a falsehood sky
all hope is lost but hope

asleep within this well of days
my droom of dying in shadow
untying me from the knot of time
fuck the god that put me here


© All rights reserved 2017