17 thoughts on “Dedication

  1. wow! not a fan of the ‘f’ word or other such stuff but love the site. I’ll cover my eyes and make grimaces as I read…
    Very sweet dedication Tony
    I would call it a Wholly Trinity Tetiana!…good job with your English. I’m a native speaker and still can’t get it.
    Thanks for visiting my site and liking it. I will be back to read more than just your beginnings, because I liked them.

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    • Don’t worry, Claire. All demons on Unbolt are vaccinated and no longer contagious. And as for Thought Police, we have only garden variety Police instead. Firemen and Ambulance Peeps are here too, so we hope you can feel more at ease here. We’re grateful for your visit, so please stay, okay? 😀

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    • Aw…I am never prepared for authentic sweetness! Usually, as in this case, because I don’t deserve it. The density of my head has been compared, and not favorably, to a brick.
      Anyone who feels uneasy in the hopeful space your earnest hearts have created is a knucklehead.
      I should have made it clear that I was planning to return, but I was in a big rush, and didn’t realize that my comment was so cryptic. It was directed to a reader, not yourselves, basically because I’ve lost patience with Christianity’s increasingly agressive assertions of itself. An old Irish Catholic punk has certain responsibilitys, IMHO. There was a list of your comrade’s work using words that often evoke a sermon from a passing Christian. I probably leaped to a conclusion too quickly, which is a bad habit of mine.

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    • No no no no, Claire. It’s all good. Truly! And to be honest with you, I do appreciate your stance on religion in general. Your reaction was more than understandable. I’m glad you’re going to hang around though! The more of us, the merrier! 😀

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  2. Ok, I’m unbolted! Saw you at my pace – thanks. Came to yours to have a peek. I think I gotta get an extra strong safety belt, but I’m gonna strap in !

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