TATI’s & TONY’s DEAD POET TOUR // A Short Hymn To Venus. by Robert Herrick

Goddess, I do love a girl,
Ruby-lipp’d and tooth’d with pearl;
If so be I may but prove
Lucky in this maid I love,
I will promise there shall be
Myrtles offer’d up to thee.

by ROBERT HERRICK (1591-1674)
Public Domain Poetry


there was no reason to stay
there was no reason to leave
so they hid behind their faces
and nothing happened

they didn’t fall in love
they didn’t sing their own songs
they didn’t even get a pity fuck

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intimacy porn

i ring their bell ends
it’s what i was made for
nothing in my head but head
making a dull sound
making the right sound

since when did we become so familiar?

i’m just an udder with dicks
expressing the milk of human kindness
but to them it’s only wankery
making a dull sound
making the wrong sound

since when did i earn such contempt?

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crosscurrent of spring

i’m sorry i shouted at you
i had no right (you told me darkly)
i sailed my disgrace through the reef of shame
but hadn’t we kissed at the blushing jetty?
was that just another tidal skeeting?

another day with nothing inside
yet hope still dabbed behind each ear
i’ve seen mermaids depart for other shores before
speaking wakes of dismantled devotion
i hope we prove to be the exception

once more in our summer of discontent
again we list sadly into fall apart
to become a sail’s wintry afterthought
but didn’t our lungs evolve for screaming?
for when the choppy waters beset us?

© All rights reserved 2021

GUEST POST // Let Me Fall by Tara Caribou

help [me] overcome
reach }}inside{{
pull me
let me ~run~ my fingers
down. your. throat.
I want to
into the **magic** of
your •eyes•
while I +ride+ you
into |o|b|l|i|v|i|o|n|

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