are you worse than everyone else?

metropolises are so fucking prepared
for loneliness
every park and every embankment
every wet bench up an empty avenue
these are for your disposal

you are worse than others if
they choose them rather than you but
what about if
they do choose loneliness rather than you?
are you worse than everyone else?

© All rights reserved 2021

blowing horn

shadows played out on the wall of days
sand hissed from the dead giant’s ear
i did its mind like a line of cocaine
(blood of the polterchrist compelled me)
then a unicorn defied what we thought we knew
wrecked itself on all we’d formerly eschewed

© All rights reserved 2020

TATI’s & TONY’s DEAD POET TOUR // Why Fades A Dream? by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Why fades a dream?
An iridescent ray
Flecked in between the tryst
Of night and day.
Why fades a dream?–
Of consciousness the shade
Wrought out by lack of light and made
Upon life’s stream.
Why fades a dream?

That thought may thrive,
So fades the fleshless dream;
Lest men should learn to trust
The things that seem.
So fades a dream,
That living thought may grow
And like a waxing star-beam glow
Upon life’s stream–
So fades a dream.

Public Domain Poetry

mosh pit eye

this is our way
the only way
you have to jump with us
or stand without a clan
don’t fancy jumping?
then sing!
wail like a cat in heat
or stand alone in the street

this is our way
the insanest way
jump and wail with us
or stand alone with your gran
don’t fancy singing?
then bang!
mix sweat and blood and beat
or stand alone and miss a treat

this is our way
the violent way
jump the shark with us
or stand apart you boob man
don’t fancy sharking?
then drop dead!
lay and suck on angel teat
as we trample you with our feet


© All rights reserved 2021