GUEST POST // Wonder by megdekorne

rare things are growing
the moon is moving , shalom
fly the burning flag of freedom
do you know what it’s like
to be almost swallowed home ?

he pours the tea
gold sugar , emotional weight
unfurls her hair
upon dew shoulders , a soul
scratching in the still and quiet
she is scared
and not scared
an amateur actress standing bare
first on center stage fore square.

“ Mary did you know ”
you have a regal stance ?
all mutate in your presence
the camera clicks
she turns her head
and when she sees she does transfix
her human vanishes
the bleak cold winter
a bountiful banquet
shattering dry in the rain debris.

Mary don’t dye your hair
wanting to change your wild esprit
I too am thirsty seeing you there
the moon is moving the tall pine tree
over passing Traverse Bay
glory joins utopian pupils
the lake of her eyes my northern stay .

a spaceship jolts
Issa is here and
he is calling for you
Mary , do you know what it’s like
to be swallowed home ?
I am scared
and not scared for you alone .


© All rights reserved 2016

la mort d’étincelle (a life without)

light spatter on a distant shore
a breath suspended beneath the shells
those poppy skies from whence i came
would not be tamed, unbidden now
with hidden fey i lay at the end of things

between living and fading we keep
ornately unfolded and yon covered
eyes of coin in our spectral stead
flower bloom red, long bone and lace
windblown and rue, i too retain to sing

she took a gun to the war in my head
and of course i knew we’d never again…
reaping here under peak and deep well
she wrote a fifth gospel before i burned
a four eyed dream and screamed my last light away

as i pay charon his due for my years
it isn’t that former land i will miss
it’s the one who was there, who chose to stay
in a tender way, her hands on my face
and fond i enclasped to the last her warm allay

i never sought to grow old
only more capacitive


© All rights reserved 2016

GUEST POST // Peak of Loneliness by Purpleanais

After years
of dedication
a hell of a lot
of stress
a smidgen of luck
a bucketful of pure selfishness
and mighty hard work –
money, success
and power
are now yours to hold
you’ve got what you’ve always wanted
pushed everyone away for
you’ve finally found the fucking match
and set the world on fire
it’s blazing
as high as mountains
blue-oranges, reds, yellow-gold
not seen since days of old
Alas, you’re watching that intense glow
completely and utterly alone


© All rights reserved 2015

GUEST POST // I Saw Once by Sheldon Kleeman

I can see you’re
Sad and lonely
That your eyes
are sayin the words
Can you just hold
my hand a little
longer for us both
need another road
It’s never easy
to readjust from
one into another
But with both of
us walking……..
The road gets easier
I know how tired,
sad, just a little further
& we’ll be………
Just remember to
look into the “I’s”
of life
As I saw ones
who once were sad


© All rights reserved 2016