GUEST POST // Black Lake by Purple Creature

My heartbeat quickens, the skin on my body tingles,
Like the morning sunrise, my body is alive…
From my toes, upward to my chiseled legs
I feel electricity surge through my body…
When I close my eyes,
I can feel the blood surging through all parts of my body…
I steady my breath…
I slowly ascend into the dark still waters of the black lake.
I am alone, yet I feel all things around me, and it comforts me.
I am one with nature, and she with me…
As I swim to the deepest part, small ripples, become bigger ripples,
I am announcing myself to the majestic black lake.
The water, is cool on my naked body, it relaxes me.
My body is now one with the lake, we belong to each other…
Floating on my back, I feel all my blood pulsating through me…
My cock, my manhood, is erect and hard…
I am one with nature, and she with me.
I close my eyes, as I hear a faint noise approach, getting louder.
Now perched on my Manhood, is the Goliath Birdwing butterfly.
Beautiful and elegant is her body, our eyes are transfixed on each other…
She smiles, opens her mouth, bites off my manhood, and flies away into the darkness.
We have now become one… We are now Symbiotic with each other…
I exhale my last breath, and descend into the depths of the majestic black lake…
I am one with nature and she with me…
Forever more…

© All rights reserved 2016


for my Purple Creature

Please, please, don’t think that
butterflies are silly with
a short memory

Please, please, don’t think that
they sit on this withered bush
without a purpose

No… They remember
its beauty. They remember
all colors and forms

How it bloomed before
a thunder-bolt that summer
Yes, they remember

They sit the same day
every year… it’s a present
The birthday present
The present from butterflies
for their depressed withered friend

© All rights reserved 2015

GUEST POST // Alone by Purple Creature

quietness fills the air
all I hear are my footsteps
all I see is the mist of air leaving my mouth
my breathing is becoming labored
my knees are hurting
my side has knife stabbing pains
all this is becoming white noise
the pain is getting worse
I smile
because I know it will be stopping soon
everything will be stopping soon
I have been slowly climbing a tall mountain
my tall mountain
I have been climbing it for years it seems
I can see the mountain top
my pulse quickens
a gasp is let out
I am at the precipice of nirvana
there is no one here for me
I am alone
I quicken my pace to a full sprint
in a second I will have reached the mountain top
and will full on leap off it
my destiny
there will be people on the other side waiting for me
hello and goodbye world
thanks for nothing
because you gave me nothing

© All rights reserved 2015

GUEST POST // A Prayer “Why” by Purple Creature

I am alone, in cruel world…
Wondering… is this for me?
I didn’t ask to be here, and yet I am…

Who would do this?
Make me…
It’s miraculous actually, if you were to look inside me
Dissect me, and see how my human body works…

With tiny fist in air, I shake it at God and demand…
WHY make me, and then abandon me…
Alone, cold, hungry… thrown in a dumpster…
Left for garbage… human waste…

What kind of would God allow this?
Silence is all I hear with this question…
So my prayer is this, please let it end quick
Or answer me… I am a bastard, the lowest of low,
But even I deserve and an answer.
All powerful and mighty One…Why???

© All rights reserved 2015

GUEST POST // “Me” VS “We” by Purple Creature

This world is whack… there is no looking back.
Hating and greed, need to be a thing of the past.
The Universe is endless, but earthlings are so;
Narrow-minded people…
Self-centered twits…
Instead of thinking Global we think of “me”.

This world is so whack, I bet were the laughing stock.
Other life, in other worlds throughout the milky way
Point to earth, and tell their children how not to be.

The day will come,
When the oceans dry up,
When the trees and grass wither away,
When the sky becomes polluted with gas and decay…
And life on this planet called earth, will no longer be.

We will just be another flicker in the sky, for another world to see
And they will wonder, if there was ever life up there…
Their once was it’s a sad state of affairs, what was once so filled with promise
Turned out to be wretched despair…

This world is whack, but I am here to declare
Its not to late to turn this ship around, and set a new sail!
For a new horizon,
For a new hope,
One filled with love and happiness.

It starts with one person, and then two or three
And before you know it, all we have are “we”.
So lets stand tall and together, hand in hand, lets knock down all the walls together.
And instead of a people of “Me” we will be known as a people of “We”.

© All rights reserved 2015