GUEST POST // A Prayer “Why” by Purple Creature

I am alone, in cruel world…
Wondering… is this for me?
I didn’t ask to be here, and yet I am…

Who would do this?
Make me…
It’s miraculous actually, if you were to look inside me
Dissect me, and see how my human body works…

With tiny fist in air, I shake it at God and demand…
WHY make me, and then abandon me…
Alone, cold, hungry… thrown in a dumpster…
Left for garbage… human waste…

What kind of would God allow this?
Silence is all I hear with this question…
So my prayer is this, please let it end quick
Or answer me… I am a bastard, the lowest of low,
But even I deserve and an answer.
All powerful and mighty One…Why???

© All rights reserved 2015

4 thoughts on “GUEST POST // A Prayer “Why” by Purple Creature

    • Meg, my lovely beautiful Meg, thank you ❤
      I'm happy that I have a permission to publish this amazing writings. My every guest post is a part of me, is a connection with my soul… but Purple Creature is my very special guest…
      Always with admiration and tenderness, your TiaXXX

      Liked by 1 person

    • Shalilah, thank you for this thoughtful comment!
      You’re right, you’re absolutely right… Positive thinking works wonders! Please, take care and stay positive! 🙂

      Your trying to be positive


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