for my Purple Creature

Please, please, don’t think that
butterflies are silly with
a short memory

Please, please, don’t think that
they sit on this withered bush
without a purpose

No… They remember
its beauty. They remember
all colors and forms

How it bloomed before
a thunder-bolt that summer
Yes, they remember

They sit the same day
every year… it’s a present
The birthday present
The present from butterflies
for their depressed withered friend

© All rights reserved 2015

21 thoughts on “Blooming

  1. Years ago, I saw a butterfly land on a floating ice cream stick in a creek so it could go surfing. The following year I had flowers prepared with deeply placed sweet nectar. As I watched it insert its long proboscis into a flower, I asked it if it remembered. In the whisper of a wing flap it said that its Grandmother told it a story about surfing to find the most delicious flower ever next to a girl who giggled like a babbling brook.

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    • Awwww… thank you, Aquileana!
      OMG… Do you mean that they’re unwanted witnesses for people?
      That’s why they live very little?! 😯
      Oh, dear me… I never thought of this… poor butterflies! 😥

      Hugs and kisses, my olympian Aquileana ❤
      Your Tati

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  2. I love this too Tia …stunning and captivating …just like you ….hugs of love and thank you for making me remember , remember the exquisite ways of the Divine we all share with nature …so beautiful ..xxxmeg

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    • Thank you, Meg ❤
      Yes, Mother Nature is an endless source of healing and inspirations… like your amazing comments 🙂
      Take care, my beautiful Meg!
      With love, your butterfly Tia XXX

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    • My dear, my beautiful Shalilah!
      It’s never too late! I beg you… bloom, be fragrant, play with forms and colors! It’s not about age of your body… it’s about age of your soul ❤

      Liked by 2 people

    • Awww… thank you, my modest friend 😛
      Matt, your works are brilliant not less than mine… and I’m really happy that you liked my little poetic tribute to a man who I consider my godfather in writing ❤

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