GUEST POST // “Me” VS “We” by Purple Creature

This world is whack… there is no looking back.
Hating and greed, need to be a thing of the past.
The Universe is endless, but earthlings are so;
Narrow-minded people…
Self-centered twits…
Instead of thinking Global we think of “me”.

This world is so whack, I bet were the laughing stock.
Other life, in other worlds throughout the milky way
Point to earth, and tell their children how not to be.

The day will come,
When the oceans dry up,
When the trees and grass wither away,
When the sky becomes polluted with gas and decay…
And life on this planet called earth, will no longer be.

We will just be another flicker in the sky, for another world to see
And they will wonder, if there was ever life up there…
Their once was it’s a sad state of affairs, what was once so filled with promise
Turned out to be wretched despair…

This world is whack, but I am here to declare
Its not to late to turn this ship around, and set a new sail!
For a new horizon,
For a new hope,
One filled with love and happiness.

It starts with one person, and then two or three
And before you know it, all we have are “we”.
So lets stand tall and together, hand in hand, lets knock down all the walls together.
And instead of a people of “Me” we will be known as a people of “We”.

© All rights reserved 2015

15 thoughts on “GUEST POST // “Me” VS “We” by Purple Creature

    • It’s true. We love antithesis too much.
      It’s something that inspires us… we love creating the unity ‘AGAINST’ much more than the unity ‘FOR’.


  1. Wonderful poem! I want to think like this, optimistically, and believe the world will be saved, but it’s so hard to influence people to care, and not put their self-interests first. So many charasmatic people do it though, and swindle people, and so many Christians make it about their beliefs about their own life after death, and forget about the billions of lives living in reality. I wish I could brainstorm a series of solutions, but there is so little unity, and so much division, and I know so little of life outside my mind, craving experiential knowledge to help catalyze developing scalable models for helping people help themselves to help others help themselves, instead of trying to rely only on others to help us. It’s hard to accept help sometimes, it’s a problem I struggle with. It’s hard to feel part of a team, when sitting on the bench, watching others play. 😦

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    • Thank you, the Scourged Red-Winged Blackbird!!

      It’s hard to accept help sometimes… yes, it’s about me too.
      I’m a ‘me’ person. I prefer to do all my own.
      I’m always happy to help other people… but I haven’t learnt how to ask help.

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    • It is very hard, though there is a saying that goes “There is no ‘I’ in ‘team'”.

      It can be very difficult, especially if you have a hard work ethic, and see co-workers cutting corners to save time, and getting away with it. That’s happened to me, and I ended up getting in trouble for not being faster. I ended up resigning from that job, because I just couldn’t make myself do what everyone else was doing to get by, and still respect myself. I want to put quality work into whatever I do with my life, or I don’t want to do it! Sometimes, that’s going to mean asking for help, which I can do, but with apprehension at times. :\

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    • I understand what is this… to work in the collective.
      I’m a maverick. I don’t like when somebody shoves its nose to my work processes. Pieces of advice, ill turns… Damn!
      My motto is ‘Your best help is your disappearance!’ 😀

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