I can leave this stinky maze
when ingestion has turned its phase.
I ooze between limp tripe
and creep along… gripe… gripe…

A cup is filled to the brim.
Vermiculation wraps the rim.
I don’t care how… bile or chyme…
No one can absorb the brand of Cain.

© All rights reserved 2015

16 thoughts on “Envy

  1. Ah, green with envy! 😉 Reminds me of this music video I shared with you the other day:

    I actually wrote a poem to go with it last August:

    “If The Storm-Drain Pipe’s Cleaned, Possibilities Dreamed May Be Deemed Redeemed”
    by Ry Hakari

    Spurning roseless thorns, burning in spite of lies scorned
    enslaved with passionate hate, demons battering Hell’s gate,
    the cell within the cell down the well-wishing mental latrine
    in the back of my mind, clogging creativity with negativity

    I know you hear me clearly, “whispering” thunderously,
    while you persist pretending you’re not listening, coyly
    tell me, in this dreamy reality we’re both swimming
    of you and me, which one is the louder Siren-singing?

    I take it what I say about you Katherine, how you saved
    me creatively, as the second-coming of my first true muse
    Catherine of Sienna, stirred awake from the cell I sleep in
    is pretty interesting, like dreams released from REM chains

    You’ve let go of it, your cat curiosity runs free, so as
    snatches of your scent waft patterns all over my path,
    tell me, in this singles romance we’re both stringing,
    which one of us is the one who does the most leading?

    My hermit’s hubris had me completely convinced, full of confidence and shit…
    I had thought I knew the truth, living like a know-it-all, ’til I had a bad fall
    Lightning stubbed my toe 7 Autumns ago, further short-circuiting my senses,
    as I busted my nose on the fourth-wall, fond memories stumbling off stage…

    Static left me stranded, it’s shocking how it happened,
    but against all odds, I’m holding out for your pardon,
    and for all those cloudy intentions to just start parting,
    Heaven unfolding unknowns with clarity of what’s next

    Even fools are deemed wise if silent, but you seem to speak your mind like a mime
    Likewise revealed, I shout love to a mirage, for all fools fall in love with other fools…
    or so suggests the melancholic shit-inspiration clogging what may or may not be
    a latrine pipe-dream, that if cleaned, maybe’d shine somewhat like Shekina glory…

    Below is a quote via https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090615173730AArmv4R that I find hilarious, so don’t read it at work! So many of us Americans are so full of shit, so you shouldn’t envy our guts 😛

    “Americans release 108 million pounds of poop every single day. 4.5 million pounds an hour. 39.4 billion pounds a year.

    Now I’ll prove it.
    Or, rather, I won’t. we don’t actually know how much we poop.

    Here’s what we do know: there are 300 million Americans. In 1996, the EPA estimated that 72% of us are served by America’s 16,000+ publicly-owned sewage treatment plants. Assuming that number is still accurate, that’s 216 million people today. Those of you who are good at math have already figured out where this is headed: 216 million people, 108 million pounds — a daily per-capita of a half-pound of cable laid.

    But that’s an educated guess. Because, as it turns out, there are no definitive figures. In his book Nanomedicine, Dr. Robert A. Freitas Jr. cites three studies in putting his daily figure at 100-200 grams — that is, .22 to .44 pounds a day. A 1992 study in Gastroenterology found an average of 106 grams a day among 220 UK residents, but with the caveat that “data from other populations of the world show average stool weight to vary from 72 to 470 g/day.” The Merck Manual says that Westerners grunt out 100-300 grams a day. But in the very next breath, Merck says that “generally, stool amount > 300 g/day is considered diarrhea” — which is ridiculous, because who defines diarrhea by weight? A two-pound bowl-curler isn’t diarrhea because it tips some arbitrary scale; nor is a sputtering blurt of rancid curry ambiguous until some formal weigh-in. “

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    • LOL! Finally I’ve watched this masterpiece! 😛

      Yuck! It’s nice that I don’t have a vomiting reflex…
      Pretty vomiting video… and green. Like envy.

      Oh, my! Oh, my! It’s great, Ry! I love figures!
      All should be measured, estimated and taken into account! Coprophilia to the masses!

      The only thing that doesn’t shitty and stinky here… it’s your poem, Ry ❤

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