the secret life of boots

a tired boot lies on the sill
hangs out its tongue like an old dhole
snores and twitches a dirty sole
with a dried-on daffodil

it dreams of untrodden routes
long forest walks, steep mountain trails
and how it tells bedtime tall tales
to gaped-in-awe puppy-boots

© All rights reserved 2018

GUEST POST // Alone by Purple Creature

quietness fills the air
all I hear are my footsteps
all I see is the mist of air leaving my mouth
my breathing is becoming labored
my knees are hurting
my side has knife stabbing pains
all this is becoming white noise
the pain is getting worse
I smile
because I know it will be stopping soon
everything will be stopping soon
I have been slowly climbing a tall mountain
my tall mountain
I have been climbing it for years it seems
I can see the mountain top
my pulse quickens
a gasp is let out
I am at the precipice of nirvana
there is no one here for me
I am alone
I quicken my pace to a full sprint
in a second I will have reached the mountain top
and will full on leap off it
my destiny
there will be people on the other side waiting for me
hello and goodbye world
thanks for nothing
because you gave me nothing

© All rights reserved 2015

Books say lies

Books say lies. TV’s untrue.
People are deceiving you.
Style is cute, style is rude…
It’s unimportant. They delude.

You change a channel, rend a page.
You smile and try to hide your rage.
But comes a flash you can’t surmount.
You burst… You get away to Mount.

White noise can purge your littery mind.
It’s a way to feel strong wings behind.
Life fills your body drop by drop.
You are revived by your top.

You can smile. You can fly.
You can forgive me for my lie…

© All rights reserved 2014