a Fractal

I am pressing Ctrl+S…

Now my last photo looks slightly gruff, but I wanted something like this. This shot was really good, without unnecessary guff. A hot summer day. An empty dusty road. A ramshackle road sign. A lonely cyclist under the scorching sun.

I am smoking and twisting a leaflet in my hands. I found it near my door this morning.


Young Rewired Wave – Festival of esoteric and nefarious programming languages, San Antonio Fall 2014

I am pressing pedals…

I refused the car and now I feel like a coot. I am not a glamper. I prefer to use the achievements of civilization. And now I will be more careful with the term “an adjacent town”. And also, I prefer to use cutlery when I eat.

So, when I noticed a small, shabby looking bar I was very glad. By the way, it looked quite picturesque and I made some photos for my diary. The old door was wonky and needed lubricant. But inside the bar was cute. I ordered enchiladas and beer.

I am waiting for my beer and absently reading leaflets on the table.


Young Rewired Wave – Festival of esoteric and nefarious programming languages, San Antonio Fall 2014 (to be continued)

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4 thoughts on “a Fractal

  1. Dearest Hatter,

    This is marvelous, so creative, so in the moment. Your use of detail creates a wonderful visual. I feel as if I am traveling along with you, also wonder why not take the car? But, perhaps stubbornness prevails, so while I’m reading I’m also wondering and questioning all sorts of other things that pertain to this event. Wonderfully thought provoking. The use of the leaflet, brilliant, as well as the use of the fractal metaphor, fantastic!

    Warm wishes

    Liked by 1 person

    • My lovely Alice!

      Thank you!
      Every your comment and compliment is a bright spark on my grey page and an extra-beat of my heart 🙂
      I’m really happy that you like this. And I’m glad that you’ve joined to my travel 🙂

      Your devoted Hatter

      Liked by 1 person

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