8 thoughts on “a Tumbleweed

  1. Wonderful Tanka! Very thought provoking, which I love! Do we run from our “fate” or destiny, intentionally not letting this “fate” catch up with us? Or do we live our lives not waiting for “fate”, thus not expecting anything? Hum…I quite like how this is addressing the question of the existence of “fate”. Do we need “faith” to believe in “fate”?

    Alice ♥

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  2. Awesome Tanka! You should read Aquileana’s new blog on the Moirae Sisters of Fate at https://aquileana.wordpress.com/2014/11/20/greek-mythology-the-moirae-the-three-fates/

    It’s funny, almost the whole part of the comment I left on her post, I could say verbatim in response to your post. I’ll end this comment with most of what I said to her, copy-pasted 😛


    By the way, I also love your poem, it reminds me of one of my own short poems, that plays on the idea of the carelessness of our fates, how sometimes tyrants like Fidel Castro seem to be given an unfair measure of life to scheme evil things, and how the span of life allotted to children, like of multiple friends of mine, sometimes have abrubt and tragic endings to their skeins before they have hardly had a chance to unfurl out of dreams into the world in comparison to the long-lived off-colored Castros woven like cosmic jokes amongst the world’s web of our daily alloted, inter-connected threads.

    “Threads of Fate”
    by Ry Hakari

    Sometimes the spindle will dwindle
    Sometimes the thread will break instead
    If life is a line and we’re woven in space and time
    I want my breadth used for beauty ’till my last breath

    I wrote that in August, 2009. I also wrote this companion statement to the ideas in my compliment to your work that same month, that you may enjoy:

    “The wings of infinity and winds of sovereignty weave an intricate tapestry of life over time. Who can fathom the movements of the invisible hands that guide the loom? Hands that choose to use frayed and knotted threads? Threads of all lengths and strengths, widths and weakness? Threads of every hue, tint, shade and degree? Who can fathom? Who can fathom? Who can begin to imagine it being a thing of beauty? Something Divinity should delight in? That my own life woven in, rather than than detracting, is carefully designed? Who can fathom? Not I!”

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    • I’m amazed, Ry!
      Firstly, by your brilliant writings! Wow!
      Secondly, by this mystical coincidence!

      I follow Aquileana (I receive day-posts on my e-mail), but I didn’t read this post. I got it only this morning… Interesting… by the way… nothing about the Norns 🙂
      Only one commenter said of them.

      I don’t know why I wrote this Tanka. To be honest, I was writing another verse. But suddenly I switched on this topic. Hmmm… Interesting why 🙂
      And thank you for your compliments!!
      I’m happy. I really appreciate your opinion!

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