my Panopticon

My freak show,
My house of throe,
My leper colony… parking for hearses.

I loose a stop-brace,
I pretend ‘Poker face’,
I click on the file My non-finished verses.

© All rights reserved 2014

17 thoughts on “my Panopticon

  1. Your command of English is superb. So many fine layers of meaning that brings images, visions to the mind. All with so few well chosen words. Also, I enjoy how you connect your poems through the links like threads in a tapestry, each one a donation to a greater scene. Sublime!

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    • And now I’m blushed, smitten and overawed by your stunning comments… Thank you, Daniel! English isn’t my native tongue… well, I guess you know this already. I dig dictionaries, I sink into the internet… I try to express myself as close as it possible. I’m picky to words. I learn every day… that’s why your comment is my treasure and award! Thank you!
      (and I’m happy that you liked my tangled posts… I know, some people consider that this is rather annoying… but I wanted to make my blog like an alive creature… with a blood circulatory system and streams of neurons… LOL! Am I Frankenstein?) 😯

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    • No Frankenstein at all. I think the feel of navigating to each of your posts is a wonderful journey, each stop a delightful discovery. Instead of a linear step through each of your posts, it’s a path with many branches, well marked, of course. That gives your blog a fresh and unique appeal. And your diligence in making sure your use of language is correct, shows in every line. I admire and respect that extra effort.

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    • OMG, OMG, OMG… It’s good that you’re so far away… because I would hug you to death! (Oh… such a sweet departure to the Kingdom come) 😛
      Thank you! I thrill when I hear compliments for my English… if only my speaking were so good as my writing (sad sigh)

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    • LOL! I accept your hug and hug you back. It’s a reward to read your work. I don’t detect any accent at all 🙂 Hopefully, my Southern slang isn’t too difficult either. Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂 -Daniel

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    • Oh, thank you, John!
      I really appreciate your opinion and enjoy with your comments!

      Hmmm… generally, I have a tendency to short writings. It’s something like to take a stone (a huge clew of thoughts and words) and cut off all unnecessary (extract a core-idea)

      ‘Beauty is the purgation of superfluities’ (Michelangelo)

      Oops… I sounded immodest… OK! You caught me!
      I’m just a non-native English Speaker :))))
      The short verse, the less of mistakes :))))

      Hey! I’m kidding! I have some loooooong stories 🙂
      Have a nice day!


    • Thanks, Cat!
      Yes, yesterday we posted practically simultaneously 🙂 I was under the influence of my post still when I saw yours… probably I should get used to this already… but every time at this moment my heart skips a beat :))

      I love your writings too, Cat.
      Hush-hush… hush-hush…
      This rhythm… under a thin crispy crust…
      It sounds like snow crunches under felt boots.

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