a Morning

Yesterday left me a heap of useless artifacts.
I don’t want to rummage in these stinky garbage stacks!

A morning… is a big chance to start your life anew.
To leave a huge heap of new crap for tomorrow you.


© All rights reserved 2014

22 thoughts on “a Morning

  1. Profound, so true!
    Мне нравится , когда я должен остановиться, чтобы подумать. Всегда больше дерьма на горизонте ! Очень хорошо ! Спасибо !
    Алиса ♥

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    • Wow! Thank you, Cheshire!
      I’m glad that you liked and I’m glad twice that I made you laugh! 😀
      Life is a very controversial thing… To cry or to laugh… it’s only our private choice!
      Red or blue pill?

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    • Ah I wrote you a nice somewhat lengthy response, but just as I was about to edit it, firefox went black, and I couldn’t see anything. 😦

      I’ll summarize briefly, sorry you won’t get to read my full comment!

      Yes, life is controversial. To quote Forrest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you are going to get!”

      We get more than one chocolate on more than one day, sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet, sometimes bittersweet.

      We all have bad and good days basically, and it’s good to have a wide perspective that looks beyond the day we may be having, knowing that unless we die or the world ends, there will be more days, and more chocolate to be had! 😛

      I would say red and blue pill, as I like true-fictions, allegories based on truth, or dreams spliced with reality! For me, it makes it easier not to run out of ideas, as I could if I wrote pure fiction instead of allegories!

      I hope you have an excellent rest of the day bold Unbolt 😀

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    • Good morning, Ry!
      You’re an early bird today 🙂

      I’ll answer you a bit later, I’m at work still, just wanted to say ‘Good morning!’ 🙂

      Have an amazing, big day!
      (LOL… I hope, a day without mountains of crap and other ‘artifacts’…)

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  2. “a huge heap of new crap” describes pretty much the shitload of work I have to get done by friday and all I do is procrastinate!! arghh!!
    I’m THIS close to writing an angry poem about this stinking pile of shit people call “work”! haha, oh isn’t procrastination the BEST?! 😀

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