a Little-Heart of Yellow-Fluff

Your rattle can plunge in doubt
the wisest men.
You dance barefoot…
I stare like a full moron.

You’re on tip-toe into darkness.
I’m behind you
in semi-consciousness
with a falling IQ.

You exhale the sweetest dope.
I’m a pillhead.
I cannot cope.
I’m unwarranted. I’m mad.

When my poor heart gets tired
and becomes planetary,
I’ll get plastered
and lodge in my chest you, my silly canary.

© All rights reserved 2015

My special thanks to Tony Single
for his soft treads on this one.

15 thoughts on “a Little-Heart of Yellow-Fluff

  1. Love this. Vivid, lovely images, heart-felt. Philosophical too, expressing our insignificance and constant doubts in life amid the eternal surrounding darkness, where we often end up doped or mad… Each line of the poem is like a… bam! Love how you put the words together to create this cartharctic effect.

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  2. My Dearest Hatter, Alice does love this! I did not understand “turn the page”, well the IQ is dwindling! This is just beautiful, stunning! I love all the metaphors, creating such a vivid setting. Pretty soon everyone will want their own ball of Yellow-Fluff, perhaps the NWO can patent that! Thank you, this is truly lovely!

    Your Silly Canary,
    Alice ♥

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  3. Ah I just now read this! Reminds me of some of my revisions to my post yesterday! I don’t know which came first, and if you and I were just in sync, or if my post was a bit of an inspiration! I have been wanting to take a step back from commenting on posts for awhile, but this post and the Doggeral one I really liked!

    I hope my post was of no offense to you, when I used the word “oxymoronic”! Also,I wasn’t playing on the pain killer pill Oxy and the word moronic, but Oxymoron (two things said at once that contridict each other) and moronic, referring to my identity crisis evident in my frequent allegories of myself to other people and things like willow trees. I have had a caffeine pill addiction before, and too much caffeine can make me be a jerk like the pill popping Dr. House, who I sometimes identitify myself as being like in that and other ways, as you know. If you were playing off me, then since you know me, you may have picked up on the pill popping identity thing without my even realizing I was playing on it! Which would be pretty perceptive, not moronic at all 😉

    I can imagine reading my poem in Dr. House’s voice now, even though the sarcasm was directed at myself. In any case though, I miss commenting on my friend’s posts. I really don’t want them to be targeted for hacking because of me, but as you are good with computers, you would probably be able to avoid getting hacked, hence my making an exception with this comment. 😛

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    • Thank you, Ry!

      I’m always happy to see you on my blog ❤
      Your comment is a great joy for me!
      I'm deeply touched with your concern of us, your friends, who do love you and your unique talent!

      P.S. Funny, I didn't notice this cross-connection of our posts until you pointed it to me 😛
      Of course, I'm not offended! It was cool!
      P.P.S. Thank you, that you're here.

      Your Mad Hatter

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