Oops!… We Did It Again (L1)

Erm… hullo there. (This is rather awkward…)

Dear Reader, the stuff that was originally posted here has been removed.

We have done this because said stuff has since been included in one of our published books. We hope you’ll believe us when we say we’re not trying to be stingy. No, this has been done to honour the people who have already spent their hard-earned money on our eBook creations.*

If, however, for some reason you’re unable to buy one of our books, and feel you’ll die without seeing this piece of writing, then please contact us via admin@unbolt.me. We won’t allow our Dear Readers to fade away in the dark. We’ll send you the piece in question, and it will be absolutely free. All you need do is ask.

* Of course, we would be like two happy puppies if you too decided to buy one of our books.

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25 thoughts on “Oops!… We Did It Again (L1)

    • Lily, that is so very cool of you. Thanks so much! And I love what you’ve written about Unbolt. Perhaps Tati and I really are kinda like the Minotaurs of this place… It’s a cool thought! 😛

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    • hey, that’s fantastic. Mythical stuff, Minotaur aren’t they? I thought it perfect after having read some posts, but didn’t know there were two. Ps, also listened to your podcast…thought apart from the funny bits, which were funny, I liked thoughts on being, and believing oneself to be in a state of sin, hence salvation!?

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    • Aw, thank you, Lily. I’m so glad you like my podcast. Yes, it’s all a jumble in there, and it’s all the mess that makes up me. As for there being two of us on Unbolt? Yup! There’s Tati who wrote the fine piece above, and then there’s me who writes some stuff too. We even write stuff together, so there’s never a dull moment to be had here. 😀

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    • Thank you, John!
      I’m happy that you liked my silly idea 😀
      I think all can be rhymed… everything is just pieces of the Primary Poem.

      With love and rhymes,


  1. I remember asking why you were learning the English, and what I guessed 😛 Clever poem, much said in few words, like a Spartan, Unbolt!

    High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), and C-Sharp on the musical scale?

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    • LOL! There are different names for the same things… True!

      I love this pun. Harp&HAARP 😛
      There are different things for the same names… True!
      Is it antinomy?

      Thank you for ‘a Spartan’, Ry.
      One of the best compliments for my poem that I’ve ever heard ❤


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