Internally Galactic ~ The one freeborn collaboration

Today I’m happy to show you my new collaboration with my enigmatic and transcendental friend, the wizard of unseen and inscrutable things, Spahr Plops.

This collaboration was conceived by Michael and I many months ago. 
It could have been published and forgotten about by now…

But it had its own character and authentic view regarding when it should be born. It was evolving according to its own plan… and it left the poetical womb at the proper time.

Michael, thank you!
Thank you for this space journey!
I’m ready for new adventures with you, because I know that the Guide to the Galaxy is always in your pocket.


I hear how fishes sing
I know how stones sting
I see blossoming of bones
and unlimited zones

Like a chakra
crawling up ya
I hear skin scratch
lightly dusted weeps
heavy with energy
a thousand times
I do feel funny
wrestling wind

I spin like a whirligig
in my static poise
I take a huge swig
of liquid turquoise

My umbilical cord
is a root of the chord
which vibrates inside
my resonant mind

Tells tales of mountainside
madness, alerted when too much
learned how to ride bikes there
letting naturalness sway my course
can’t always recall where
I need to cite the source

Convulsions torture my cramped calves
I don’t have time to be by halves!
…my zero hour to reassume
a risk of falling from the womb

© All rights reserved 2015

20 thoughts on “Internally Galactic ~ The one freeborn collaboration

  1. Please forgive my disappearance! I was having horribly timed internet issues. I’m going to post our beautiful creation on my blog right now!!!
    Also, did I thank you for doing this with me? Thank you 🙂
    It was an incredible trip.

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    • Michael, you know, all happen at the right time.
      The only one thought disturbed me – Are you OK?
      I even wanted to write you… but your post made all clear.

      Thank you ❤
      My ticket to the Moon is reserved.
      Just let me know when we'll start…

      Liked by 1 person

    • I appreciate your concern. All is well. The not so trusty cable modem decided to die. Time is all it took to get another.
      Awesome song, I’ve never heard it before. The video was so simple, so right 🙂
      I liked how calm the flight and rising moon was. Thanks for sharing it with me!

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  2. I love it guys, this was my favorite part:

    “My umbilical cord
    is a root of the chord
    which vibrates inside
    my resonant mind”

    It’s a very surreal thought, and made me think of how outside the womb, we are rooted to the earth, through our feet, by gravity, and receive sustenance from the Earth, animal, vegetable, mineral, oxygen, and the structures we live in. It gave me another way to think about the concept of “Mother Nature”!

    It also reminded me of this song:

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    • ‘It gave me another way to think about the concept of “Mother Nature”!’

      It’s the best response that can be! Thank you, Ry ❤
      I guess, Michael and I coped with our task…

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  3. What can I say other than HELL YEAH!!!
    Truly a collaboration (if you only knew how often I had to hit backspace on my tiny smartphone for spelling this word correctly without sounding like a complete drunk! haha 😀 ) of two awesomely tallented poets worth waiting for!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • LOLOLOL!!


      The smartphone’s rules!

      Thank you ❤ You're right! Good things are worth to be waiting for!
      (Of course, now I shamelessly allude to our potential collaboration) 😛

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