a Pissed off Muse

Do you think
that your Muse is dead?
She is tired.
She is just flat on her ass.
Yes! Dash it all, yes!

She couldn’t bear
your endless snivel,
binge drinking…
You, pathetic Creator!
She dumped you, dumbass!

Two talented lines
aren’t worth two wasted years… yes.
Muses can fuck up.

© All rights reserved 2015

24 thoughts on “a Pissed off Muse

  1. ¨Two talented lines
    aren’t worth two wasted years… yes¨.

    I love those verses, Tati… It is interesting that you could be able to deliver a poem regarding Lack of inspiration!… i wonder were the Muses are at times… I guess you we can all relate somehow.
    Hugs for your friday and happy almost weekend ahead! Aquileana 😀

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    • Thank you, my lovely Aquileana ❤
      How I love your comments!!

      Yes… I guess we all are disappointed Muses sometimes… and damned Creators 🙂
      Giving birth isn't easy process… giving birth to Art isn't exception.

      My warm hugs and best wishes for you 🙂
      Have a great weekend!
      Your Tati

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  2. I think my best input here is to watch, listen, and possibly learn. I’d like to comment on the flow of this though. It was brilliantly stressed, and fast…just like getting out frustrations or a message in a single breath or sigh.
    Hope all is well in the hood 🙂

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    • Thank you, Michael ❤
      All is well in the hood! Just my fidgety mind flirts with the stunning picture from Pepper's last post 😛

      Thank you for your concern… and amazing compliments!
      It was quite a nasty poem, of course… but… well… there are not only sunny fields on the poet's path 🙂

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    • Oh… Muses of the rose bushes… You’re lucky, cat! It’s the best genus!! Artful, veracious, a bit perky ❤ Your neighbor is a loser!
      Hmmmm… only one nuance. Don't feed her with limericks! It can cause acid AABBA regurgitation…

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  3. Do muses ‘exist’? i’ve never believed in anything remotely associated with muses nor will i ever
    but Unbolt i do like your post, like it very much..love the questioning thinking and the style.

    Big Hugs


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    • Hmmm… I’m not too sure about Muses 😛
      But I know that amazing and inspiring people exist… and one of them is my opponent now 🙂 I truly admire with your young spirit and your clemency to our bold written frolics! You rock, John!

      With endless respect and admiration,

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