Between edges

A road… just two edges and infinity between them. To step on the edge. To diverge from the road. To live, as if you’re immortal, is one edge. To live, as if your death is inevitable, is the other edge.

Edges aren’t the road.

Let yourself be immortal. Walking on the edge. Stepping over the edge. Forget miserable time. Look at yourself without the world. Your every step, your every gesture, your every thought… immortality.

Edges aren’t the road.

Let yourself be mortal. Walking on the edge. Stepping over the edge. Take your final step. Look at the world without you. Without your every step, without your every gesture, without your every thought… mortality.

Edges aren’t the road.

You don’t like edges. They’re dangerous. But if you deny edges… you deny the road. You learnt immortality. You learnt mortality.

You learnt… edges aren’t the road.

A road… just two edges and infinity between them. You go ahead. Infinity is under your feet. You took your road.

A courageous alive creature.

© All rights reserved 2015

53 thoughts on “Between edges

  1. I like this.

    while reading it the word immortality took charge. what would we do with immortality? More of the same with a limited number of books following formulae so common that you know the whole story by the title? It is the same thing as eternal life in heaven. I do not think endless praising is much different than endless burning, or perpetual boredom. My mother lived to 92, and never talked about getting past 100. She was happy to have lived a full life, and glad to have it over.

    Anyway, that is pretty heavy, but apropos.

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    • Very much apropos! And, yes, it feels like we are limited only by our imaginations really. What would we do with such freedom, with all the traffic cones and barriers removed? Perhaps more of the same. Kind of a scary thought really.

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  2. This piece is absolutely beautiful. Expressing these concepts this way is so clever and just … its utterly beautiful and has me mind blown. All of your writing is incredibly eloquent and bizarre and relevant. Its like you’re using words to craft magic and I just need to read one word and I’m undeniably hooked. Thank you for sharing this with the world.

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