The Odd Days & Life of Elatha Jarlath McGhille. Part 0. Prologue ~ The one came in from the cold collaboration

I love collaborations.
I do love collaborations.

LOL! Deja vu, yes?

Well, guys, I know, the less I write, the less mistakes I make. I just want to say that I’m happy to show you my second collaboration with Greg. No, I haven’t learnt more about Greg during the last month. The color of his eyes and his blood type stay a big mystery for me still. And his zodiac sign too But, do you know, I don’t care! His sparkling talent and his twisted imagination are enough for me. Just relax… take it easy… and have great fun with us!

celtic arm band tat tattoo 02

he was taught to do multitude ingenious things
carving fine soap bubbles and beading tissue wings
…an inevitable interruption of such teachings
midnight phantasmagoria, suspected visions

as barking wings crawl along his wall as shadows.
fright? no. impressed… then comes the invitations –
join to the Halloween party in the gingerbread house!
guest stars are Koschei the Immortal and Mickey Mouse!

no. impressed… he throws the flier into the bin
and greets an old banshee, sipping acrid gin
“Aha! Haha!” she yells then claps her hands
a moment of mental illumination perhaps. She stands

then begins to sing songs off and on key surprisingly
Rock&Roll-Old Soul-R&B… then empties her bags for him to see
an ‘A-minor’ whistle, two vials with scalding tears, false nails,
a half-finished piece of knitting, a book with Celtic fairy tales…

“Where are my glasses?” “On your head… shoo!” (the barking wings
try to filch a clew from the bag) “Shoo!! I’ll clip your hamstrings!”
She clips at the air with her scissors,
like a pair of hand hedge trimmers,

“WTF!” yelled the barking wing
Her response, “You’re gonna have ta learn ta respect somethin’.”
He laughs up his sleeve at this innocent bustle
they adore each other, it’s a friendly hustle…

“Hey, guys!” And all of a sudden… a picture becomes indistinct…
White coats… and an agitated voice, “Fetch a doctor! He winked!”
Alarms sound. Kisses in stitches on rolling stretchers. She stares.
Returns wink and smile. “Tell ’em don’t mess up my hair.”

…this case was unique, doctors couldn’t understand
why this young guy doesn’t want to leave his dreamland.
This old harridan is a fatal case, yes, but this boy…
His coma seems so artificial. It looks like a ploy!

He just doesn’t want to live… and his happy pale face looks uncanny.
A medical ventilator is switched on. “Hey! I’m home, granny!”
With a crooked smile, a grimace, a hug and a kiss
She says to him, “Finally an end to all of this.”

© All rights reserved 2015

18 thoughts on “The Odd Days & Life of Elatha Jarlath McGhille. Part 0. Prologue ~ The one came in from the cold collaboration

  1. Ah! Wonderful… I’m glad I came back to read the Prologue! 🙂 And now I know Dur-da-Bla may yet still softly sing in Jarlath’s old age, though apparently one so young, whether or not banshee comes to steal away his life, true? And she does seem like insulting old harridan, yet strangely likeable. Perhaps it’s the shadow wings of Erebus? But what would he have to do with Elatha and an old banshee? Hmmmm…. Now I’ll have to go forward again and read the next enticing installment! Wonderful … simply wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

    • And sun/moon god intertwined with an elderly saint in young boy? With banshee and shadow wings in an enchanting surreal dream more real than reality, and certainly more inviting… Yes, I’ll definitely have to read on again! And I wait with anticipation for you guys to post your next installment! (Hint, Hint! LOL) 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, Holy moley! Dur-da-Bla and Erebus!
      Jonathan… we should officially invite you as a Research Adviser 😯
      Thank you, thank you very much!

      (top secret information)
      I hope, we’ll start the next part this weekend.
      Oh, by the way! Have a great weekend! 🙂

      My warmest wishes,
      your Mad Hatter

      Liked by 1 person

    • OMG! Thank you!! ❤

      If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants
      (Sir Isaac Newton)

      I'm just very lucky. I'm blessed by co-working with amazing poets! Thank you again, Gregory! You rock!

      Liked by 1 person

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