GUEST POST // Less Than Two by Tony Single

i don’t quite know what we have here
i know you’re the biscuit to my cup of tea
but at this late hour
let’s let this be what it must be
i know, it’s scary when i deplume
would you rather i unearth the moon
then paste it to your godding sky
(a dinner plate set for this domicile)
’cos i really sodding will

i will find you, i’ll make you happy
you ate my baba ganoush
me, a bird’s nest at your nipple
and now i’m drowning in life again

i wonder when i fell asleep
’cos now i’m awake, pressed between two worlds
you’re so long gone…
i plead with the air that you’ll come back to me
while those that nod and presume to know
keep adding friction to our story
they’re sipping infinity like it grows on trees
(but our time has run its course, hasn’t it)
and now heaven knows what i’ll do

i’m on the run, i’ll never tire
you ate baba ganoush
a bird’s nest at your nipple
and now i’m drowning in life again


© All rights reserved 2015

36 thoughts on “GUEST POST // Less Than Two by Tony Single

  1. Wow Tony ! I’m standing in admiration for the stunning pleasure of your poem …the repeat of the last stanza is a loud ” boom ” in my heart … And ” I plead with the air ” …so evocative …I love your poem and you and beautiful Tia ….megxxx

    Liked by 3 people

    • Meg, my dear Meg, please, don’t worry!
      My blog is a place where my friends can feel at home and can ask anything! I’m not going to correct or delete your words, only if you will ask me about this. My only mission is to offer you a cup of tea and a warm plaid 😛

      Unfortunately, I lost connection with Ry some months ago 😦
      I hope, Tony can tell us that Ry is OK… but I guess the best way is to ask Pepper though. They are close friends and maybe she can be in the know.

      With love, your Tia XXX

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