60 thoughts on “Six Word Stories #3

  1. Thank you for liking “Everlasting” and “Cosmic Romance.” Nice post! 🙂 These six word stories are great! Your post made me think about how eye contact is an important part of human communication. I remember being at a fuel station and seeing an elderly couple. The woman in the car did not look up once from the magazine she was reading during the time that they were at the station, and the man barely noticed her as he was filling up the fuel tank. In addition to their silence, their lack of eye contact made me think that things were not going well with their relationship.

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    • It’s interesting how much information can be gleaned from observations such as this, don’t you find? I’m often people watching myself, and inevitably end up creating whole stories in my head for why they appear to be acting the way they’re acting towards each other. 🙂

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  2. Loved it! Six words, stringed together to give the deepest meaning. Like the famous one:
    For sale, baby shoes. Never worn.
    This line of words tugged my heart deeply. Guess im just tragically inclined.

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