GUEST POST // when I’m seventy by listentothebabe

how many tattoos
before I’ve said all
I need to say about me?
etched into my skin
definitions I don’t want
to forget.
when I’m seventy I won’t regret
having been inked,
even if wrinkled and faded,
they’re lost in the folds.
I’ll pull my skin tight
and there
I am.
I won’t ever be lost to myself.

© All rights reserved 2015

39 thoughts on “GUEST POST // when I’m seventy by listentothebabe

  1. Ooops, the target was my shaved chest with the spread wingtips of said bad buzzard going from pect-to-pect. Though to speak of pain one fair biker friend did get “Your Name” tattooed to his pecker so he could tell his intended betrothee of an eve “I have your name tattooed to my dick!” His nome-de-bike was Faze and I always wondered why scofflaw bikers would make themselves so easily identified.

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  2. Thanks a bunch for the posting from listentothebabe, unbolt. I still treasure the 1988 $200 gift-certificate by Joe “Deacon” May to go towards my plucked buzzard atop a deflated basketball with a wire-wrapped bent rusty screw thrust at an angle through said ball tattoo. I opted not – for manifold excuses/reasons, but I do enjoy a thoughtful “arted” attest.

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    • We both really enjoyed this poem, J., so it was a pleasure to feature it here on Unbolt. I’m glad you liked it too! And… erm, that would have been a very painful place to get a tattoo! I can well understand why you didn’t go through with it! 😛

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