the bobblehead’s pilgrimage

i’ve looked for jesus but the sky is too low
it drapes over my eyes like a scurvy blindfold
i’ve prayed to the god i no longer believe in
for release but that’s ground that won’t soon receive me
it keeps on pushing me away

i’ve suckled sweet milk but it goes down the wrong pipe
it tears my throat to shreds like a white-hot ramrod
i’ve tangled in the beard of a two-faced brahmin
for release but that’s sanskara that won’t soon protect me
it keeps on pushing me away

i’ve stood on the mount but the wind is too severe
it tamps my ears to the brim with scalding red sand
i’ve done sajdahs till my forehead drowns in blood
for release but that’s zakat that won’t soon purify me
it keeps on pushing me away

i’ve picked off withered minds but more grow from the tree
it strangles empathy by way of reason’s roots
i’ve hitchened my ride to a dawkinian screed
for release but that’s sound that won’t soon assuage me
it keeps on pushing me away

i’ve drifted, i’ve plodded up hill and down dale
res nullius, i’m the thing that has no owner
i’ve stood at the stop awaiting the last bus
for release but suddenly you took my flawed hand
and led me away from the platform

and then there’s neither death nor immortality
and then light shines and darkness won’t take it in
and then sun and the moon glide in their orbits
and the Word is Love and love’s more than a word
it holds me and doesn’t let me go


© All rights reserved 2016

80 thoughts on “the bobblehead’s pilgrimage

  1. I like this poem very much and also the other two parts of the pilgrimage that serve as a link for the three main sections of your book Love Death Hell. In this third poem the “it keeps pushing me away” finally disappears. You have expressed this beautifully. I like how the lover leads the first person narrator away from the bus platform. I wonder at these two lines:
    “i’ve stood at the stop
    awaiting the last bus”
    This could have a second reading and be a metaphor for the last journey, which could mean the end of the individual’s life, death, where only love saves this individual. The main message then would be:
    Love is what really counts and no more worries as “there’s neither death nor immortality” in the sense our world has made us believe.
    This is a great poem to read and reread, beautifully written and highly philosophical.

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  2. Wow Unbolt- I’m almost afraid to touch on this, if feels too sacrosanct. I mean that in all seriousness and was so hesitant to remark beyond the ‘like’. And yet- how can I not? The Lord said, “freely you have received, freely give.” I know this by experience- I would never have known what real love is if I’d never been touched by God/Jesus. He’s always reaching, never pushing away. I pray you never stop seeking Him out- He said if we did so with all our heart we’d find Him. One genuine, personal experience and you’ll never be the same. And while you’ll read and study and genuinely enjoy people and their perspectives, you’ll never feel the need to look beyond Him again. Because you’ll know you’ve found the Meaning-of everything! God bless you on the journey. /Angie

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