Water Cure


“I don’t want to.”

“Drink, I say! You look very thirsty.”

“But… Hey, what are you doing?!”

Streams of water pour on me. I try to face away… I try to cry foul… but my voice drowns in the streams.


I splutter. I cough. A gray dusty clot, almost weightless, lays inside my empty head. Dehydrated words are tied in a bunch like Chinese tea.


I choke. I’m full of water. The words start to spin in the whirlpool and swell. The words take shape and color. The gray dusty clot unfolds inside my head… blossoms… and slowly fills the entire space. Now there’s nothing except a big moist poem here. My head is full of the poem, like a tiny teapot with beautiful blooming tea.

“Well, my girl… Now… do you realize how much you were thirsty?”

“Screw you…”

I wipe my wet face and cuss mildly. She smiles and says something… but I don’t listen to her. I open my laptop. WP Admin, Posts, Add New…

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57 thoughts on “Water Cure

  1. “Tied in a bunch like Chinese tea.” – that part has to be my favourite. Jorge Luis Borges said that poetry must be read aloud, and indeed it’s only until you read that excerpt that the message behind the words becomes that bit more evident – I really like that it was initially difficult to say. Really says something about the horrendous ‘mind fuzz’ so many writers suffer from, and those days where stringing a sentence together becomes a quest in itself. Thanks for sharing it!

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    • Yes, that’s the line where everything fell into place for me too. I like how Tati builds up to that point, and then carries you along for the rest of this piece. Thanks for visiting us. We really appreciate it! 😀

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