GUEST POST // Ears Wide Open (Dublin – A Rite of Passage by Miljenko Williams)

The voice of Mils makes butter melt.
His poems are lush, heart-freakin’-felt.
Yeah, lend an ear and you will agree
He deserves to be our first nominee
For audiohood on site Unbolt.
His talent is a much needed jolt
To lift our game and write effin’ good,
To not fear being misunderstood.

Dublin – A Rite of Passage

Before I was soiled: I was
oiled unhappy;
toiling and boiling like
cauldron of darkly wizard-
like pose;
a fingerpinch of spite,
of masculine passivity,
of man who never was become.

Now is another matter:
now he is become:
now he runs like training-
man; now the game no longer judd-
er[r]s, shakes or shudd-
er[r]s out of mind, or sight of flailing

And of all the sites and scenes delivered,
like rapt-
tured box of heavenly gifting,
the rite of pass-
age which most delivers me
is the right of
passing close
you do

give me.
The laughter and tears;
the fears and the hurts;
the love freely expressed:
the goddamn life you contain and inscribe
and so simply
define, with your brain and your being and your

goddamn beautiful face;
your his-
and your her-
and them-
stories bloody out there you unfold and retell and
spin ingeniously around me and my soul and my
being and my hell;
still untold, still unfollowed, still unknown by
most out there.
Dublin: I love you, more
than you
Dublin: I love you, because you and your people
weirdly know how
to make me this [s]well: [s]weller
than [s]weller ever was.

And whilst time is still ours, the future is still
built – upon pasts that are passed;
upon guilts that begin slowly to wash away in
hhh} I say, as
I discover the suddenly that the man
I become is more than the son of his father.

And pictures and faces and sounds and dis-
graces; sexual wroughts that pilfer
my thoughts and make me
happy again; as
happy as free man and
woman can be.

And the days and nights I pass
in remembrance of Dublin
past, and future maybe perfect too,
remind me all the time of you.
And a life recovered
is a life remade;
retaken as warriors burrowing violent
growing and gnawing and
hurting and sad,
and ultimately the [bad-
me} of all
is what has recalled me away from
the life I could

And maybe it’ll work, and maybe it won’t,
and maybe it’ll break us;
but if we don’t try and see, and check in and check
we always shall rue the night-
and day-
we refused to
pursue the
one life we’d lead
and even enjoy:
good Lordy, oh my …


… that really such a sin?
To hope for such win?

So I begin where
I start: before and after a-
part of so many experiences,
imagined and real; the soul
and the heart I have refound in
And then what is real if not in the hug
of your embrace?

For a future
begins to replace the before and
after which started so hurt,
and now begins rightly to
away fade to
black …
… not the black of all bad, nor the
black of all pain; just the
black of all colours: the
rainbow of

© All rights reserved 2016

9 thoughts on “GUEST POST // Ears Wide Open (Dublin – A Rite of Passage by Miljenko Williams)

  1. Fantastic, more, more, please! There was so much beauty in either the spoken words or the written, but reading along while listening created a magical synergy. I shall have to listen again and again!

    Liked by 2 people

    • *BLUSH!* Honestly, Mils, it’s a pleasure to feature you and your magnetic voice here! Your contribution only enriches our site, so we’re winners in this equation too! 🙂

      Liked by 3 people

    • 🙂 I’ve *never* in my life had anything like that kind of praise *ever* come my way. Well. Not true. For four days I think you probably already know about, but outside that time, it’s been very hard going. So this is like the very best sex I ever had. Maybe that’ll make you blush too?! I do hope so … 😉

      Liked by 2 people

    • Wow! I can understand why you would be pretty mind blown then, Mils! I was just discussing this with Tati a short while ago, and we both agree that it felt very rewarding to be able to share your work with a wider audience. 😀

      Liked by 2 people

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