32 thoughts on “CRUMBLE CULT // A Mermaid Unheard 2

  1. A lot times I turn mine off because I like it when it’s quieter. Some of my misheard things are hilarious. Just the other day my son asked a question and I confidently replied, “I don’t think so because I’m not allowed to drive.” His response was, “TURN ON YOUR HEARING AIDS! I said, do you need me to start the dishwasher?”

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    • Ha ha ha! That’s brilliant! It’s funny what you think you hear in comparison with what people are actually saying. I often find myself wondering why I heard what I thought I heard. Makes me wonder what’s up with my brain at times… 😛

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    • Yes, I’ve often had to try to overcome people’s misconceptions about being deaf. I guess, like anything, it can be difficult to understand unless it’s something you’re going through yourself. 🙂

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