Something to Crow About

* CROW 1: Amazon!

CROW 2: No, Barnes & Noble!

CROW 3: You’re idiots! iBookstore! I personally saw!

Who’s right? Actually, they all are. Our new book is available here, there, and everywhere.


© All rights reserved 2016

64 thoughts on “Something to Crow About

  1. I Love Crow! A scary, bleak, sliced and diced, wretch into the doomed buckets of love death and fear. Favourites include: Doll, Glass Tanto, Melancholics Anonymous, Grim Takes a Holiday, Lines, PS i love you… All beautiful on the brain.
    I am concerned for your safety (both of you) as the overall tone of this work seems set far down the miserable track and is hard to ignore, however your dark arts are your own affair so I trust that the terrible doom afflicting you both is working for you.
    Incandescent Lamp keeps bringing me back to it, the simplicity with which you convey the opportunity to turn shit into shine is worth the book price on it’s own.
    Hope this unsolicited review sweetens your day. Thanks for putting this book together it’s a peach (a dark, rotten, shadowy peach frightening the fruit from the base of some deep bowl! But a peach nevertheless).

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    • Thanks for your concern, Adam, but we’re happy in our twisted brand of madness. Hee hee! And thanks so much for buying and reading us. We really do appreciate all the support we can get, and we’re glad that you got such a kick out of it! 😀

      Liked by 2 people

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