THE CRUMBCAST // Talking Without Hearing

Previously on The Crumbcast, Tati was trying to teach Tony Ukrainian, and Tony kept failing. This left her wondering what crimes she must have committed to be saddled with such an idiot.

Ever the kind soul, she kept persisting in this fruitless endeavour.

Meanwhile, Tony sighs and begins rambling about anything and everything that his poor, addled brain can think of. His infected ear. Sound’s cheating ways. Racist weather conditions. Yup, he yammers on about it all.

Dear lord. Such a to do! Will Tony ever learn to cope with Ukrianian? Will Tati ever learn to cope with his nonensical singing? Find out by clicking the picture below. It’s real magic for the digital world!

© All rights reserved 2016

48 thoughts on “THE CRUMBCAST // Talking Without Hearing

  1. Think even I would drive her mad trying to learn. Possibly comical in the attempt – Tati, I speak in tongues already. *sigh* Images from the movie The Karate Kid come to mind with Tati’s voice dubbed over Mister Miagi’s. *deeper sigh* Desear no es todo. Se necesita algo mas.

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    • Oh T! Such magical beginnings may be too good to be true! I feel for Tati though…I can be an ornery student with a splash of class clown. Thus, I exceed all expectations. LOL 😂

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    • Tati is usually as cool as a cucumber. It takes a LOT to get her worried about anything. So, when I talk about her getting mad at me or hitting me over the head for my stupidity, it’s funny because those are the last things she’d ever do. Hee hee hee! 😛

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    • Sounds a lot like a Latin woman…difference is when we are quiet, run. Means she is contemplating the worst possible feats known in human existence in which to impart the most profound placement of memorable infliction. I kid you not – thus, if I pinch you really hard, you are safe. LOL
      Then again, I am rare. Not my nature to harm. So, go Tati! I still may drive her bananas – just because. 🤓

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  2. I love the tragic ending! at first I thought the arm less guy wasn’t going to be able to wipe his butt! But No, he get hit by a truck and doesn’t hear the angles gasping at his mangled body! I am not deaf but it’s a great learned practice to just tune out people (just like turning off the hearing aide) Priceless! 🙂 T.

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