Aelita’s Lullaby

On that foreign earth,
the blood of kings adorns you.
Magic and mayhem.
Heaven’s net cast wide
but never shall it tame you,
my wildish red queen.

The universe plays,
swirls like a toddler’s mobile
above your cradle.
Planets are ranked like
Fabergé eggs on nightstands,
my red crested queen.

Morpheus pets you
in your cozy martian cot,
in regal repose.
Oceans and deserts
hide like dreams in your lashes,
my weightless red queen.

Hear this, my heart’s song.
Croon shall I so soft for you,
wayfaring out there.
I ride my rocket
to venerate your pink toes,
my red harken queen.


© All rights reserved 2017

42 thoughts on “Aelita’s Lullaby

    • It’s not easy to explain. We just seem to click somehow. And it helps that we’re both fairly similar in how our imaginations work! Basically, we’ll sit and write a sentence or two each… and gradually build up a story that way. It sounds so haphazard and unstructured when I put it that way, but that’s literally what we do.

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