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I hate being preachy, but I feel I might have crossed that line with the latest Crumbcast. I guess this stems from the fact that I’m finally ready to reveal what I really think when it comes to relationship and religion (with a dash of sexy sex thrown in for good measure). Of course, it’s not as if the world is breathlessly awaiting my opinions! I’m certainly under no illusions about that. Really, I’m only doing this because I want to. If someone’s willing to listen… then great!

Also, it’s only fair that I warn my religious friends and readers that some of the views expressed in this episode may be offensive to them. While I don’t feel it necessary to apologise for said views, I do want to acknowledge the distress that they may cause. So, please do be aware that I don’t take this lightly, and that I hope we can at least agree to disagree. It would be grand if we could still be chums anyway. Yeah, let’s give peace a chance, man!

Oh, and please do feel free to read Matching Jeremy Tang for some much needed context regarding this installment of the podcast (which can be found below). Crumble Cult is my baby, so I enjoy having people fuss over it! Hint. Nudge. Insert winking smiley here…

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27 thoughts on “THE CRUMBCAST // Lovers of a Lesser God

  1. “Sex is dirty, but only if you do it right.” – Woody Allen (paraphrased)
    “The problem isn’t religion; it’s the people following it.” – Me

    You are quite correct in that relationships are an integral part of living, especially for humans, and we really don’t need the additional shame/guilt/excoriation piled on by others; unfortunately, that’s how society tends to work. What was accepted 100 years ago is no longer accepted; the reverse is also true. Regrettably, there are those who seek to control others by establishing what is and is not acceptable (either out of a desire for direct control or misguided “altruism”), and that’s where a lot of problems come up. A lot of religious leaders here in the US are abnormally obsessed with what we do with other people in the privacy of the bedroom, and it’s downright creepy. They seem to think they have the moral authority to make such pronouncements and it’s infuriating (especially in light of their physical failings).

    As it so happens, I have no particular desire to know (or even bother with) whether God (either singular, plural, or other) exists or not because it is utterly irrelevant to me; he obviously didn’t have a good PR agent when the Bible was written because he’s portrayed as a complete dick, so he can’t blame me for being leery. Thankfully, the majority of religious folks out there have a “live and let live” attitude, so it is my hope those folks gain power and change the Church of Dogma into something a lot nicer.

    (I saw Mr. Izzard last year and he was fantastic as always!)

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    • I think it’s the desire by some to control others’ minds, hearts and actions that really gets me, you know? I honestly couldn’t give a toss what my neighbours across the street do with their lives as long as they’re genuinely happy and not deliberately interfering with me conducting mine. I’m pretty sure my purpose has never been to police or coerce everyone else in the known universe into conformity! (Which sounds pretty exhausting anyway.) Thanks for reading Samuel, and for your considered response.

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