100 WORD SKITTLE // Harvest

I checked the spotted page.

It looked like I’d done everything correctly. Hopefully the good sprouts wouldn’t be long in coming. I poured water into the pot and pierced a label into the soil. ‘Goldfish’.

At first my mother was happy. She adored nematanthuses. However, she began to smell a rat after a day or two. Ermm… smell a fish. Rotten fish.

She checked our aquarium and asked what we were studying at biological club. I answered, “Planting.”

Next day, my mother discretely put away all my books of Brehm and enrolled me in a dance course… just in case.

© All rights reserved 2017

18 thoughts on “100 WORD SKITTLE // Harvest

  1. I actually was in the midst of reading this, your latest work, of in which there was a highlighted phrase that lead me to yet another gem of absolutely sheer enjoyment!

    You and Tetiana weave these surrealistic waves of beautiful words that roll together onto the proverbial sand as a wave of vivid description that leads the us, the reader, down a dotted beach filled with a treasure trove of various seashells that we scramble about on trying to grab up each stunningly unique one least the next wave reclaim them into the deep – never to be seen again!

    In short, as previously stated on your other collaborations, has woven together a tale of sheer genius! Titillating to read leaving us begging for more, more, more! Thank you so very much for sharing these amazing gems! Lady Anne ^^Ö^^

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