31 thoughts on “where else would i be after the rain?

  1. Beautifully romantic with exquisite imagery. The “unbolted soul” suggests a person who needs to open their feelings and thoughts, to communicate; in this case, it seems the love for another person, or, at least, be with that person again as the last verse seems to suggest. I like the balloon image. It is “undone o’er loam”, so not flying but on the earth, not being where it should want to be. And “clipped by nankeen moon” is a very beautiful image. The moon is often associated with dreams and wishes. Its color, nankeen, is the typical of the moon many times, a kind of pallid yellow, but vivid and vividness suggests desire. This must also be significant because all colors have symbolic meanings associated with human emotions. In any case, I love the combination of words and the musicality of this poem.

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