11 thoughts on “alice’s real life wonder(less)land

  1. One of your best poetry I’ve ever read. Your imagery reminded me a lot of Lewis Carroll.

    I think you’d paid him a fine tribute and respects. Excellent writing and my favorite by you. 🙂

    P.S Hope you stop by my 2nd part 2 of my poem. If you haven’t read the first part. You should…It’s a cryptic mystery to where its all going to lead, connect and come together. See you on my blog.

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  2. Nice novel-based poem with an original version. I like how you have constructed the images. It is a poem that mainly speaks of impossibitly. Its openness allows multiple interpretations: someone you love(d) but did not allow to be reached, for instance, or any kind of thing that could/ cannot be achieved in life. BTW, I enjoyed Lewis Carroll’s novel very much and I recommnend you to read it.

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