THE CRUMBCAST // Supersize it!

It’s episode twenty, baby! Yeah! The little Crumbcast that could!

This time round I have someone to talk to. The subject is video games and their place in society. How did they get here and what does this mean for our future?

This episode is easily twice as long as my previous ones, and has more gabbing and intellectual pretentiousness than ever before. Let’s go large!

PS: This is a bit strange, but if you want to listen to the sound then you should click on the picture below. Yes, it’s real magic in the digital world, I tell ya!

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10 thoughts on “THE CRUMBCAST // Supersize it!

  1. I found your podcast to be spot on for my childhood as well.
    My family was dirt poor, and my first video game system was well past the one generation back. it was an old system that only played pong like games with a dial controller.
    Later on, I ended up working for a company that made a piracy machine for the n64 called the z64 (google it, it was awesome) I was head of sales and tech support (really small company.)
    Then I worked for the big N as tech support, up here in Oregon. loved the job, but the company treated us like shit.
    I have lots of stories about that.

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    • Oh wow! I had never heard of the Z64 until now! Thank you for educating me, Prof! It’s a shame that the big N treated you like shit though. A bit disappointing to hear that a company I admire so much can still act like any other company towards some of its employees. 😮

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