100 WORD SKITTLE // The Last Virgin

The Grim Reaper isn’t a man. In fact, she’s quite becoming.

Naturally, no one dares to get into her skirt, but this doesn’t matter to her. The thrusts and twists of human courtship hold no interest. She has other concerns. Keeping her list of names updated. Restocking her biros. Ensuring her blade stays keen and shiny.

Nowhere does the ‘cut of her jib’ factor in.

Still, even the Reaper can possess a mortal weakness. Yes, even she can nurse a fondness for white, lace stockings. But she refuses to wear them due to her messy job.

Stockings rather become her.

© All rights reserved 2018

28 thoughts on “100 WORD SKITTLE // The Last Virgin

  1. I read the other one first, so I thought if this story starts with the last sentence and ends with the first sentence it would be even more powerful than it already is. Thoroughly enjoy it anyway

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  2. It sounds as if you have been through some hair-raising experiences. I think the comfort of death is difficult to define after all suicide is a decision that enough is enough and it has similarities to the feelings of old age and decline. Youth has the power to make a positive difference in a sad world so by ending an active life you could be robbing some from your friendship and help.
    As Wilfred Owen stood among the carnage of war he asked a question of ultimate importance .
    ‘ What made fatuous sunbeams toil
    To break the earth’s sleep at all ?’

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    • I am now of the opinion that suicide is a waste of life, but it’s taken me a long time to arrive at that. Still, I’m not in other people’s shoes so I find that I cannot judge their actions… only my own. And I agree with you. It’s my belief that life is hard, but also precious. Thank you so much for your thoughts on all of this. I love what you have brought to the table!

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    • Many have sought the comfort of death , especially the sick or disillusioned, I’m 76 declining but not ready to let go.
      Keats had a tough life and knew more about this than most .
      ‘ I have been half in love with easeful Death ,
      Now more than ever seems it rich to die, ‘

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    • I went through suicidal ideation which lasted for most of my teens and twenties, so it feels like I’ve been half in love with death for a long time too… but I realise that’s not quite what you’re talking about, yes? If I’m understanding you correctly, then the comfort of death is something people seek when they are nearing the end of their natural span on this planet. It certainly seems to be the great ‘equaliser’ that reminds us that we all share the same frail mortality. I’m so glad you visited and offered your thoughts here. 🙂

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