34 thoughts on “WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU CITRUS // Six Word Story #63

  1. Hey guys! Its good to hear from you!
    I just wanted to let you know that after years and years of having my blog, and writing my poems, I finally managed to create and publish my very own book! 🙂
    The ebook version of it is available if you wanted to read it in full form!
    Chronologue is a science fiction dystopia based in the future of 2257 America, and its about AI and robots trying to take over the world and turn people into machines.

    Thank you for all of the support your blog has given me.

    You know I remember you as being one of my very first followers! How many years ago was that, since 2012?
    Anyway, if you or anybody has any questions about the self publishing process, or want any tips, please send me a message on my blog and let me know!
    Everybody stay blessed and have a good one!

    -Gregory Thomas

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    • You totally should! It could be quite an interesting thing to track. (Or quite disturbing…)
      As for old saved drafts, we have written an insane amount of stuff in the six or so years we’ve been doing this. So, as a result, we have a bit of a backlog that hasn’t yet seen the light of day on this here blog. It’s just waiting to be slotted into the posting schedule as and when seems appropriate. 😛

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