puddle patter cha cha

that day was raining from bottom to top
the one and only greyface brandished her mop
the clouds were slick and so easy to slip on
which added to her task a certain frisson

and there she was, dancing above the rain
slide to the side, knee drop, choo choo train
bottoming the streets was so much fun
every nook and cranny was scoured on the run

the silly, silly people sheltering from the weather
peered from drab windows at her breaking her tether
they kept wondering if they’d need to call a head doctor
or get for the wild girl the school’s strictest proctor

they did not understand what was going on
why she was having fun to-ing and fro-ing on
and how a whole life could fit into a single rain drop
that day when it was raining from bottom to top


© All rights reserved 2020

27 thoughts on “puddle patter cha cha

  1. LOVED IT! LOVED IT! LOVED IT!!! I plan to use it on a rainy day in April during National Poetry Month with my Advanced Writing class this semester if that’s ok. I have a whole folder of rain poems and plan to play Peter, Paul, and Mary’s “Rainy Day” in the background. Your poem would fit in and represent a poet close to the age of my students!

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  2. There’s some crazy -in a damn good way- wordplay going on in that little number. Subtle stuff too Might I offer stumbling line or four? If, perchance/ You wish to rain-dance/Don’t give it the welly/Unless you’re Gene Kelly.

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  3. That casts such a warm feeling over me. Makes me dreamily smile. Is it the words? The rhymes (I do love rhymes). Or the rhythm (hey, now I’m a sucker for rhythm). Or am I a total weirdie to be so moved by a poem about rain?

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