night shift charley (an old watchman’s shrift)

why’d i make him climb all that way
up fifty-five flights of goddam stairs
i didn’t need to break my only neck
in pursuit of prey in the month of may

why’d i make him muck in dung and clay
down sixty-six steps of slippy trails
i didn’t have to snap my only coccyx
in pursuit of prey in trial bay

why’d i make him jump into the fray
against seventy-seven blood streaked fists
i didn’t like to choke on my only teeth
in pursuit of prey when he fell that day

just who was that bolter anyway
what had he done that demanded death
i have soiled my only soul
in pursuit of prey i didn’t want for prey

© All rights reserved 2020

14 thoughts on “night shift charley (an old watchman’s shrift)

  1. We all have been there, chasing an object of desire. Even if we somehow find it, sometimes we lose our own selves. Sadly, this is only process through which we find ourselves too.
    Lovely poem. 🙂
    Hope you both are doing well.

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  2. Brilliant….I read it multiple times trying to interpret the tale…I love your style because it drew me into the story, created a connection and leaves me trying to figure it all out…thank you…

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  3. What a night he has had In pursuing prey he didn’t need or want, every part of his body used and abused and also soiling his soul.
    Incredible writing and very deep. I love it❤️

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  4. The characters we create are really us in a sense and we can experience all that they go through and hurt ourselves in the process. Just like an actor playing a part embodies the character and necessarily feels everything.
    I love and appreciate your writing and this truth. Sending love ❤️

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